Metz & Lorentz

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Metz & Lorentz Limited has performed Cadastral, Engineering, and Topographic Surveys since 1970. Metz & Lorentz Limited is a successor to the surveying business of John Metz, O.L.S. (1967 to 1970) and David J. Howe, O.L.S. (1952 to 1967).

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About Our Company

With over 50 years of surveying in the Waterloo Region and numerous locations in Southern Ontario, our experienced staff gives us the ability and resources to successfully complete a full range of legal surveys.

Our extensive survey records along with the registry office records, and access to local survey firm's records, allows us to research properties that will give us all the required background evidence pertaining to any project. Our employees are well-trained individuals who are dedicated to providing our clients with a complete cost-effective approach to meet their required surveying needs. We endeavour to assist our clients by completing any required surveys in an accurate and timely manner.

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